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Valentine Ioppe

Grew up in Moscow, Russia and drew his first painting at the age of 13.

Being one of the best students of the Moscow University of Architecture, he spent a lot of time studying Russian constructivism, modernism, and postimpressionism as well as classical art. He also experimented frequently with different sorts of expressive abstraction. The influence of Wassiliy Kandinsky, Marc Chagall and Pavel Filonov is apparent in his work. Valentine Ioppe is the member of the Union of Artists of Russia and the Association of Architects of Russia. Valentine Ioppe participated in many international exhibitions in: Bulgaria (1982), Germany (1985), Greece (1990), Spain (1997), France (1998) and over 100 exhibitions in Canada, where he has been living and working since 1991. His original paintings can be found in numerous private collections in Canada, USA, Israel, Germany, Spain, Russia, and the Ukraine.

His powerful and dramatic interpretations of the nature and sea hold a unique place in Russian and Canadian art. His thorough knowledge of art and composition is evident in his work. It is warm, open, and produces a positive space around the viewer, reflecting the beauty and goodness of the surrounding world. Rich colours of his landscapes greatly contribute to the dull and ascetic modern interior design, and allows the viewer’s imagination to wander endlessly. Valentine Ioppe is generally known for his technical virtuosity, enormous versatility, and incredible originality, and is an important figure in the Canadian modern art scene.

If you want to buy a painting, please contact the artist at or call +1 (647) 896-9892

Recent exhibitions:
Personal Exhibition in the Boynton House, Richmond Hill, ON, Canada – April 2016
Personal Exhibition at Concert of Sergei Prokofiev, Toronto, ON, Canada – April 2016
Cultural Summit, Richmond Hill Center for the Performing Arts, ON, Canada – March 2016
TAVES Art Show in Sheraton Hotel, Toronto, Canada – October 2015
Art Show in Gallery Hittite, Toronto, Canada – August – September 2015
Personal Studio Exhibition, Art Tour Richmond Hill, ON, Canada – October 2014
Personal Exhibition at Bathurst Clark Resource Library, Thornhill, ON, Canada – August 2014
Personal Art Show at Richmond Hill Art School Richmond Hill, ON, Canada – May - June 2014 
Richmond Hill Studio Art Tour Richmond Hill, ON, Canada – October 2013 
Creemore Town Art Show, Creemore, ON, Canada – September 2013

Moscow Gallery DOM NASHCHEKINA, Moscow, Russia – June 2012

Personal Exhibition at KEN'S Art Gallery, Vaughan, ON, Canada – November 2012
Richmond Hill Studio Art Tour, Richmond Hill, ON, Canada – October 2012
Art Show in Ben Navai Gallery, Toronto, ON, Canada – March 2012